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This CD Tomorrow: My Legacy: Deluxe Edition features songs dedicated to my family and grand-children. This project is mostly instrumental and showcases some very gifted and talented musicians who I highly respect.

Track titles include:

 1. Revelation
 2. Stand-Up
 3. The Phoenix-Levi's Song: Dedicated to
     Levi Phoenix Jordan, our second born grandson
 4. Silver & Gold
 5. My Heart Is Fixed On You
 6. Cry of the Innocents
 7. Tomorrow: Featuring my grandson Izaiah singing
     an electronic scat
 8. I'm Walking
 9. Rose of Sharon: Dedicated to my lovely wife and
     of course to our Lord
10. Yesterday, Today, & Forever
11. Turn It Over(Mike Mani Mix)
12. Izaiah Rai: Dedicated to Izaiah, our first born grandson
13. Psalm 51
14. My Life Is Yours
15. Last Night
16. Jasyah Rai: Dedicated to our third born grandson
17. Stand Up (Instrumental version)

Tomorrow: My Legacy - CD

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