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Recorded "Live in New York". Refreshing and powerful All of these songs were birthed spontaneously by the Spirit as Kim and the team touched the heart of God with the people of NewYork. From high praise to sweet ballads, jazz to rock, this powerful music is sure to move you to enter into the presence of God wherever you are. None of the music recorded in this collection was pre-planned or rehearsed.


1- Sweet Victory
2- I've Got Some Water
3- Mountain of the Lord
4- Sunrise
5- Fight For Liberty
6- I Am Called By Your Name
7- Nevertheless
8- I Saw You
9- I'm Praying For You


1- I've Made Up My Mind
2- Nothing In Hell
3- Joyful Noise
4- I Can Feel Your Heart
5- I Know That Jesus Is With Me
6- Warfare Dance
7- Victory Blues Jam
8- Just For Me
9- Kingdom By Force
10- Nightfall
11- Prayer of the Ancient
12- Jubillani America!

Kim Clement Live - New York

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