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These CD's are a mixture of Music and Prophecy recorded live in Detroit, MI June 2003. It is our first in the all new PERCEPTIONS product line.

Summer of Your Life has quickly become our best seller and is quite known for the Prophecy "5 Voices Arise" in which Kim prophesies about 5 unique leaders that God has chosen to use in the days to come.

The songs of the Lord are beautiful and filled with words of knowledge and wisdom. Come with me on this journey and enjoy the outcome as the Spirit prophesies the future of your sons and daughters." (Kim Clement)

1- Prophecy "2 Heads" (June 28, 2003)
2- Rainbow Song
3- Throw Your Hands Up
4- Make Me feel Good Tonight
5- Some of You Have Fallen
6- The Search

1- Prophecy "5 Voices Arise" (June 29, 2003)
2- Perceptions of Light
3- No Entry
4- I Will Arise
5- Summer of Your Life
6- We Give You The Best

*Transcriptions of Prophecies Included

Summer Of Your Life Album

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